In August 2011, as a student at the University of New Orleans, Angel started her career in radio as a promotions intern for Clear Channel, now iHeart Media. After being asked to intern again for the following semester,  a part-time position became available. By shadowing other radio personalities and putting airchecks together, in December 2012, a few days prior to her college graduation, she was given the overnight shift on WQUE-FM 93.3, better known as Q93 the number 1 Hip Hop and R&B station in the city. In 2015, Angel transitioned from radio to television and took on another part-time job, this time at WDSU-TV., a local news station, and Hearst affiliate. As a WDSU-TV employee, Angel held the title of Operations Technician. Although a job on-camera would have been ideal, she took what was available to get her foot in the door and learn the ropes. As an Operations Technician, Angel had the tasks of running audio boards, studio cameras, TelePrompter, and working Master Control. In her spare time, she would shadow reporters, go with them on assignments, and put demo packages together. Months of shadowing reporters showed Angel that entertainment was the route she was more comfortable with and soon, another on-air position opened up at iHeart Media allowing entertainment to once again be her focus. This new position was with KVDU-FM 104.1, better known as Voodoo 104, a station she had been on plenty of times before to fill in when the station’s main talent would be on vacation. After a little over a year working part-time time at both iHeart Media and WDSU-TV, Angel left WDSU to focus on iHeart. Aside from being an on-air radio personality for one of the largest media companies in the world, Angel also does work hosting events and being an entertainment correspondent.