Jeremy Ledlow, Vice President
Jerome Temple, Treasurer
Eldon Anderson, Secretary

Jeremy Ledlow is a high school educator who works at Warren Easton Charter High School. His area of instruction is Career Planning and Implementation. Mr. Ledlow believes that Career Planning prior to leaving high school is important because students have access to more resources such as support from teachers and the development of soft skills. Mr. Ledlow has achieved a degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Event Management. He is also the owner of Occasions LLC. Jeremy Ledlow worked 10 years in cooperate America as the Director of Catering for the ARAMARK Cooperation. In 2007-2009 he had the honor of working for three professional sports teams as the Director of Premium Services, The Baltimore Oreos, The Baltimore Ravens and the Washington Wizards. In 2012 Mr. Ledlow’s company was awarded the (DBE) Disadvantaged Business Enterprise from the City of New Orleans. Presently, Mr. Ledlow is a Hospitality & Tourism instructor at Warren Easton and serves as the Wide Receiver Coach for the Warren Easton Football Team.

DJ Jubilee was born Jerome Temple in New Orleans. He grew up in the St. Thomas Housing Development where he first started DJing. Jubilee started DJing in the ‘80s, while attending Walter L. Cohen High. After high school he attended Grambling State University. There, as a member of Kappa Alpha Psi, he became an in-demand DJ leading to radio slots on the college station before his graduation in 1991. Upon completing school he first found work at his alma mater Walter L. Cohen as a football coach and a substitute teacher. In 1991, he became the DJ for his high school dances where he introduced the city to a whole new culture of music “Bounce”. The following year, Jubilee exploded onto the scene with his debut cassette single, “Do the Jubilee All.” While touring on the weekend in his music profession he didn’t forget about his passion, saving inner city youth. In 1997, he began volunteering at NORD and coaching at Annunciation Square near the St. Thomas Housing Development. During his coaching tenure, he has won (7) city championships, (13) uptown championships, competed in (12) championships in (17) years and (8) conservative championships. DJ Jubilee remains at the top of conversation today, weather it is his music or community service touching and inspiring many generations.

Eldon Delloyd Anderson is a native New Orleanian. For over nineteen (19) years, Eldon was employed by the City of New Orleans under the leadership Mayor Ernest “Dutch” Morial”, Mayor Sidney Barthelemy, Mayor Marc H. Morial and Mayor C. Ray Naqin, to help improve the lives of New Orleans’ youth. At the age of thirteen (13), Eldon was employed by Mayor Ernest “Dutch” Morial’s City of New Orleans’ summer youth program which brought him
full-circle in that he began working in his community at the same place (Kingsley House) where he started his education. Eldon, at the age seventeen (17) who believed in and supported the wellbeing of his community, worked at Kingsley House as a group leader where he vowed at a young age that he would always mentor the younger generation. Five years later, Eldon became the supervisor of New Orleans Recreation Department (“NORD”) playground in his community. Eldon has dedicated his life to assisting children and helping them to overcome the challenges (inadequate educational opportunities, high unemployment of youth, and lack of constructive-supervised down time). He believes that there is nothing more important than investing in the betterment of our youth. While he has
influenced so many children in his lifetime, Eldon’s mission is to give every child the same opportunity he was privileged to have at a young age, an opportunity to experience economic development and to give back to your community.