Turk’s Team at the 1st annual Best of The Boot Awards From left to right: Lance Jones, Amari Hurst, Earl Jordan “Turk” Mackie, Jazmyn Mackie

The Turk Foundation Inc. is a youth-based non-profit organization, Founder Earl Jordan “Turk” Mackie (20yrs old- LSU; Junior); Director of Special Events Jazmyn Mackie– (18yrs old- UNO; Freshman); Director of Public Relations- Amari Hurst (17yrs old- University View Academy; Senior) and Director of Athlete Engagement- Lance Jones (17yrs old- Warren Easton; Senior). Turk’s team is dedicated to preparing student-athletes for life after the game. Our mission is to encourage, inspire, and enrich both student-athletes and students who aspire to pursue careers in the sports industry, by educating and edifying them through financial literacy. The Turk Foundation outreach initiative is to expose youths to opportunities available to them beyond the field from the perspective of ownership, executives, management, STEM and coaching. Our goal is to specifically target inner-city youths who are most often neglected and have limited resources and opportunities.